Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ladies Choice: Curlformers

My sister and I tried Curlformers for the first time this weekend, thanks to Nikkimae2003's fabulous youtube tutorial.

Nikki Mae on the Curlformers Website

Mae is one of our favorite natural hair vloggers!

We finally gave into curiosity and decided to give them a try.

Instead of the full Curlformers Starter Kit, we made our way to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought three of the individual 10-packs for $11.99 each. Also picked up the Curlformers hook for $3.49.

They're kind of tricky to get the hang of, the first time. Especially if you have thicker hair, and need to do some trial and error to figure out the best size for parts.

Initial results- lovely!

Final Look

All of this was great and exciting, until I realized that some of the curls weren't fully dry. And it was one of the most humid, sticky, hot and miserable days we've had... I tried to use hairspray to give some of the spirals a fighting chance, but to no avail. The curls turned into a huge frizzy afro, which worked for the night, but still a little disappointing that I couldn't make the cute style last more than 15 minutes. We're both giving them a try again, to see how they look for Monday morning at work!

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