Sunday, February 27, 2011

I heart Hair Rules New York: review

This week I was in New York for a business trip, and happened to have a free morning on Friday. I always toy with the idea of making an appointment at one of the salons specializing in natural hair when I'm in town, but they book up so far in advance, and I often don't know what my schedule will look like when I'm traveling for work, so it hadn't happened yet.

On a whim, I called Hair Rules, celebrity stylist Anthony Dickey's salon, and to my surprise, they had an opening for me to get highlights and a style Friday morning!

I arrived at 9:30 am and met my colorist, Nile. I shared my inspiration pics with her and she spent a good amount of time assessing my hair texture and talk about exactly what type of results I wanted. I appreciated that she took the time to explain everything.

After the coloring process, an assistant washed my hair with the cleansing cream, which left my hair soft. And followed that with conditioner (rinsed out) and then the kinky curling cream. The stylist used lots of it, but only used her fingers to distribute it throughout my hair. She then had me bend forward, and fingercombed it through the underside of my hair as well. I could see the perfectly-formed curls dangling in front of me. To style, she had me shake my head side to side, and then fling it backwards. (That's it?!) And she shaped it around my face, and sat me under the hood dryer to let it set.

Check out this tutorial.

The results? I love it!
The close-up.
I very RARELY wear wash & go's because they shrink up so much, so this was a revelation to me. It was amazing to have perfectly coiffed hair with a fraction of the work.

The true test: the pouring rain and high humidity. My hair DID NOT FRIZZ! I could hardly believe my eyes.

The only drawback to the Hair Rules products I've seen so far is that although the curls still look fab (3rd day after styling), I feel like it's time to re-wash because my hair is a little dry. They did say to wash every 3 days or so instead of once a week, so that will probably be the cure.

But I still plan on buying a set of the kinky products (they have a special right now on their site) so that I can start to wear amazing wash & gos!

I bought the Hair Rules kinky curling cream to try at home... Several attempts later, I still can't replicate the results of the salon... and I've used about half the bottle already... I think I'm throwing in the towel on this one. At least for now.

Home results: some definition, a bunch of frizz, and a lot of shrinkage.

I still LOVE the salon though!


  1. Awesome Post, I will definitely have to book an appt there when I plan my next trip! Your hair looks great. So is the Hair Rules product in the white bottle with Rainbow colors?

  2. Thanks Chan! It cost an arm and a leg, but it was my first salon trip since my big chop, so I figured it was worth it. Yep, it's that white bottle with swirls. I'm checking product swaps to see if I can get some that way and if not, then I'm going to order with the web special!