Thursday, July 22, 2010

The beginning....

Our natural journey began in 2009, when we had our last relaxers.

My (P's) decision was made when I got my hair relaxed at a local beauty school in May, just before my wedding at the end of that month. It burned my scalp badly. I had about a 2.5 inch weeping scabby burn on my head, and all I could think about was how grossed out the hairstylist was going to be when she styled my hair for my wedding.

But somehow, that wasn't enough to stop me. My last relaxer was at the end of July 2009, right before we left for Reggae Sumfest 2009. My hair was long, straight, and color-treated. My sister's was short, straight and cute. We avoided the water until the end of the trip (you know, the usual) and had a great trip anyway.

When we got back, I steeled my resolve and decided to go for it once and for all. No more anticipating cold "perm" on my scalp, building to an itchy burn. No more dry scalp. No more damage.

My sister was ready too. She'd gone natural once before... in 2006

And she eagerly took the plunge again, shaving off her relaxed hair in October 2009.

Patiently, I transitioned for 8 months, and on April 2, 2010, I went to a local salon, and had Jerome at Yehia's wield the scissors to do the honors... my big chop!

And that is where the story begins.....

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