Friday, August 13, 2010

Ladies Choice: Ashley Lauren & Hair under the microscope

Yesterday I made a stop at Ashley Lauren Natural Products to pick up a container of my favorite leave-in conditioner.

Georgia was there and I started talking to her about my hair, particularly my concern about split ends. She said my hair looked very healthy and moisturized, and suggested that we could take a look to see if my ends were really split, or if I was just suffering from some humidity-frizz.

She has a magnifier hooked up to a TV screen, that allows you to see your hair up close and personal. We checked different parts of my hair, running the magnifier down the shaft to the ends, and saw that I had no splits! (yay!)

Last night, I found this article online, that shows hair under high magnification, explaining what it looks like to have split ends, damaged cuticle, etc. Interesting! Check it out: Hair Under the Microscope

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