Sunday, November 28, 2010

Natural Hair Compliment: Corrine Bailey Rae

Corinne Bailey Rae

Since cutting off my long, straight hair in April, I've gotten more feedback on my hair than I have in my entire life. I was bracing for the worst, but it has been overwhelmingly positive.

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were in Wrigleyville during the Northwestern vs. Illinois football game, and as I stood in the tailgate wearing a big twist-out stuffed into my grey knit cap, with curly bangs sticking out to the side, a passer-by stopped and said hi to me.

"I like your glasses."
"You are so cute. You remind me of Corrine Bailey Rae."
Thank you.
"Do you know who she is?"
(laughing) Yes, I do. :-)

Know her? I love her--Corrine Bailey Rae is one of my hair idols! Her hair is huge and gorgeous!

Check out her cute self and listen to her amazing music! (photos from

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