Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter Hair

It's almost December and I've been preparing for my first winter fully natural. The cold air and forced heat indoors have both started to make my hair more dry than usual so here are a few products, styles, and techniques I've implemented to make it through the winter.

Protective Styles

Two-strand twists with a hat

Picked up this cute beret at Discovery for about $7.

This wrap was inspired by a tutorial by the beautiful Moptop Maven: Scarf Tutorial

Dry re-twisting

All summer, I'd been spritzing each section of my hair down with water before retwisting at bedtime. Now that it's cold, I've start retwisting without using the spray-brush-twist steps. The Curls Creme Brulee cream is really good for dry retwisting & makes my hair look great the next day.

This is 3rd day hair using the dry retwist method.

I've also started using Kinky Curly Knot Today conditioner as my leave-in, and still use the unscented Koils By Nature hair/body butter for moisture.

What are you doing for winter hair?

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